BUFRBinary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data
BUFRBinary Universal Format Representation
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An analytical HPLC method was developed for the analysis of the active BuFr and its sub-fractions A-D.
aegyptiaca and its successive fractions; HxFr, MeFr, EtFr, BuFr and RwFr were screened at different concentrations for their aldose reductase inhibitory activities on rat liver homogenate.
HPLC fingerprints/chromatographic profiles were established for characterization of the active fraction BuFr and its sub-fractions A, B, C and D.
Abbreviations: MeFr, methylene chloride fraction; EtFr, ethyl acetate fraction; BuFr, n-butanol saturated with water fraction; RwFr, remaining water fraction.
An increasing proportion of global radiosonde stations provide high-resolution BUFR reports
TEMP and other alphanumeric codes were frozen in 2003 as part of the migration to table-driven code forms (see the "Valid and Invalid BUFR" sidebar), mainly the binary code BUFR.
About 20 manufacturers provide radiosondes; some systems have software options to produce high-resolution BUFR reports but others are not yet "BUFR ready," partly reflecting their customer priorities.
All users of GTS radiosonde data should be preparing to use BUFR reports if they do not already do so; various resources to help new BUFR users are linked from the online supplemental material to this article.
Because of communication restrictions, some ASAP ships provide BUFR reports sampled every 10 s, typically at 400-600 levels; Fig.
After summarizing the advantages of BUFR representation in the next section, we then describe the current global status of the migration to BUFR and the processing performed before report transmission and afterward in NWP systems.
Figure 2 shows a scatterplot of the root mean square (rms) difference between 500-hPa geopotential height observations and the ECMWF model background for TEMP and BUFR reports.