BUGLBarna- og Unglingageðdeild Landspítalans (Reykjavík, Iceland)
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Part of the funds will be used to procure and install radio communication equipment for the region of Cocl?, Herrera, Los Santos, Veraguas and Ng?be Bugl?.
The Ministry of Government will coordinate, through the Indigenous Peoples Plan, the incidence and participation in the Ngbe Bugl Comarca in order to promote concrete actions that help combat poverty in that area.
Hannah remained undefeated in the badminton discipline and she topped her fine performance by winning silver in the Under 21 Ladies Doubles event alongside partner Bettina Bugl from Austria.
There are five regional demarcations that are: Ember Wounaan, Darin province and Panama, Ngbe Bugl, in Bocas del Toro, Chiriqu and Veraguas, Kuna Madugand, in the province of Panama and the district of Chepo, Kuna Wargandi, in Darin and the district of Pinogana, Kuna Yala in the San Blas Archipelago and east coast of the Panamanian Caribbean, bordering the province of Darin.