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BUHBanque de l'Union Haïtienne (French: Union Bank of Haiti)
BUHBattlefords Union Hospital (Saskatchewan, Canada)
BUHBusiness Unit Head
BUHBrothers United in Harmony
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Most of the medical officers were members of the BUH medical staff.
Nurses serving as faculty were responsible for teaching students and had no responsibilities to the nursing service of BUH (Figure 9).
Ross Garrett and Associates, hospital consultants, were employed to assist BUH and BUSN in developing plans for reorganization, including the reorganization of nursing services (51).
In the 3 decades between 1950 and 1980, BUH continued to expand and broaden its diagnostic capabilities and patient care services.
Between 1950 and 1980, BUH continued to develop as a major community hospital and as a graduate-level teaching hospital sponsoring a growing number of internships and residencies.
The commitment to clinical excellence established by the early dermatologists at BH, BUH, and BUMC has continued up to the present and has been supplemented by excellent clinical and investigative research during the past 20 years.
As BUH, a typical community hospital of its era, was transformed into a major medical center and a regional referral center offering progressively more sophisticated services, it developed a larger medical staff comprising board-certified specialists in most recognized fields, attracted referral patients from northeast Texas, expanded residency programs, and encouraged clinical research.
He brought this important experience to BUH and presented the results of his continued research into the effects of halothane on the electroencephalogram at the World Congress of Anesthesiologists in London, England, in 1968 (17).
Courtin introduced caudal and epidural anesthesia to BUH.
Despite persistent efforts he was unable to create a pain clinic at Baylor, so in 1976 he opened his own clinic on Junius Street, next door to BUH.