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Zhang, "Zonation of vegetation on depositional area of blowout in Hulun Buir grassland," Journal of Natural Resources, vol.
[20] The first financial net, Thousands of collapse pits occurred in the Hulun Buir prairie.
Bacteroidetes was only found in the samples from Songyuan (SY) and Hulunbeier (HLBE) with the content of 28.6 and 21, respectively and its content was 0.1% (HH) 7.9% (CC) in the remaining samples, while Actinobacteria was only found in the samples in Hulun Buir (HLBE) with a content of 4.5%, and that in the remaining samples is 0.1% (AS) to 0.9% (BC).
Blood samples were collected from Altay sheep (AL) from Fuhai County in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Shandong large-tailed sheep (SD) from Liaocheng City in Shandong Province, and small-tailed Hulun Buir sheep (sHL) from the Autonomous County of Evenki in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
Around a dozen winter swimmers braved the freezing temperatures and thick snow to take a dip in the city of Hulun Buir in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
Un analisis de las relaciones de la espiritualidad y desarrollo a traves del enfoque de las capacidades de Amartya Sen puede contri buir a la conformacion de una etica del desarrollo integral en la que prime, antes que cualquier otro, el capital espiritual (p.
Petrochina-owned Daqing Tamsag started explorations on Toson Uul XIX, Tamsag XXI and Buir XXII blocks in 2006.
Bu anlamda sosyal karsilastirma ve ayrimcilik kimlik kavraminin ayrilmaz buir parcasidir.