BUIRABritish Universities Industrial Relations Association
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(7) In this version, Wanankhucha, when she made her mviko sacrifice at Buira (Mdame) after the escape from slavery, also forecast that another group, who were not to stop on the Juba but would proceed towards the west, would find another river.
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The proliferation of IMF conditionality increased the number of structural conditions and performance criteria countries were required to meet, but also decreased compliance (Buira 2003).
BUIRA (2008), What's the Point of Industrial Relations?
As Ariel Buira, director of the developing country "G24" secretariat in Washington DC, outlines: "The formula developed by Mikesell in 1943 had the political objective of attaining the relative quota shares that the US president and secretary of state had agreed to give the 'big four' wartime allies, with a ranking which they had decided.
Buira, "The Bretton Woods Institutions: Governance Without Legitimacy?" in Buira, ed., Reforming the Governance of the IMF and the World Bank (London: Anthem Press, 2005).
The former International Monetary Fund (IMF) executive director Ariel Buira, for example, concluded that important aspects of the governance system have become dysfunctional because the quota structure no longer adequately reflects changes in the global economy since 1944.
Camera (color), Fabio Cianchetti; editor, Jacopo Quadri; music, Jacques Lederlin, Daniel Buira; production and costume designer, Caterina Giargia; sound (Dolby SR), Tullio Morganti.
Edmonds, J (1994), "Trade Unions: At Last the Revolution Begins", Paper to BUIRA Conference, Oxford, 1 - 3 July.
Academic associations were also created in these years: in the United States, the Industrial Relations Research Association (IRRA) was founded in 1947(23); in Britain, the British Universities Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA) was founded in 1950(24); in Canada, the Canadian Industrial Relations Research Institute (renamed the Canadian Industrial Relations Association (CIRA) in 1978) came into being in 1964; and, internationally, the IIRA was founded in 1966.