BUISBack Up Iron Sight
BUISBuck Island Reef National Monument (US National Park Service)
BUISBath University Islamic Society (UK)
BUISBurning Up in Speed (online community)
BUISBrunel University Islamic Society (United Kingdom)
BUISBond University Institute for Sport (Robina, QLD, Australia)
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T&E Summary: Modest priced short-stroke piston AR complete with excellent Diamondhead BUIS and free-floating modular handguard--a best buy AR-15 and highly recommended with satisfactory accuracy potential
There are a wide variety of BUIS types available, both flip-up/fold-down and fixed.
After co-witnessing, if either the optic or the BUIS system gets bumped off-zero, it will be instantly apparent to you because they'll no longer be in alignment.
So leave the BUIS alone and keep it installed in the rear-most slot on the mounting rail.
The TMs for the M68 and M150 sights show the sights mounted without the BUIS.
It has a 16-inch M4 barrel with MOE black Gen2 BUIS sight.
half ATMOSPHERE- liquefied propane gas open to BUIS Navy Supply.
If the officer is in a fight for his life or the life of a citizen he's sworn to protect, and for some reason his optics fail, the ability to rapidly remove the optics from the gun and go to a BUIS system is critical.
Tenders are invited for Firearms: Colt Model LE6920 Government Carbine with Additional MATech BUIS Flip-up Adjustable Rear Sight Standard 16" Barrel, 1-30 Round Magazine; 642 Airweight Revolver .
JAMES BUIS brought in the New Year exactly the same way he did 12 months ago, by winning the Resolution Run on Newcastle Town Moor.
JAMES BUIS may have came out on top in his latest race, but he was not always at the head of affairs during the sixmile contest.