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BULBeratungsstelle für Unfallverhütung in der Landwirtschaft (German: Counseling Center for Accident Prevention in Agriculture; Switzerland)
BULBell University Laboratories
BULBase Urbaine de Loisirs (French: Basis of Urban Recreation)
BULBusiness Unit Leader
BULBiblioteca Universale Laterza (Italian: Universal Library Laterza; Laterza, Italy)
BULBethel University Library (St. Paul, MN)
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Four of our study sites were located in the Sandstone Prairies BUL (Jefferson County) and 10 of our sites were in the Southeast Prairies BUL (Johnson, Pawnee, and Gage Counties; Table 1).
For Sandstone prairies BUL study sites and Southeast prairies BUL study sites, we calculated descriptive statistics of the following variables: relative abundance (mean [+ or -] SE individuals per point) of each individual species; relative abundance of all individuals of all species combined; and relative species richness (mean [+ or -] SE species per point).
For all analyses, values of these variables at study sites in the Sandstone prairies BUL were compared to those in the Southeast prairies BUL.
A total of 1,108 individuals representing 41 species were detected during the two years of study: 311 individuals representing 25 species at study sites in the Sandstone Prairies BUL and 797 individuals representing 38 species at study sites in the Southeast Prairies BUL (Table 2).
The easy-to-hit Insight BUL Fairway Wood, constructed of an innovative combination of a one-piece titanium cup face and crown, power-brazed to a stainless steel chassis, produces the hottest ball flight in its class.
Suggested retail prices for Insight BUL and Belle Drivers is $399.