BULACBrown University Latino Alumni Council (Rhode Island)
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You will only cause a great massacre." (71) Karamollaoglu also stated that the same Muslim Brotherhood group had requested support for an armed uprising from Mahmut Ustaosmanoglu, the leader of the Ismailaga cemaat, an important branch of Naqshbandiyah in Turkey: "His Reverence Mahmut Efendi said that such an enterprise would be absolutely impermissible from an Islamic perspective because it would lead to the killing of innocent people...'Look,' he said, 'If you attempt such a thing, then even if you die, don't think you will become a martyr.'" (72) In a piece written in 2015, Islamist writer Ali Bulac recounts these conversations from 1982 in similar fashion.
Bulac, Ali; AB ve Turkiye, Eylul Yay., Istanbul, 2001.
(14) E.g., Ali Bulac, "The Med na Document," in Charles Kurzman, ed., Liberal Islam: A Sourcebook (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1998), pp.
BULAC, Philippines -- In a festive celebration featuring prayers, speeches, music and dance performances, and a "barrio fiesta" atmosphere, the Baha'i community of the Philippines officially inaugurated its new radio station on 26 November 2002.
Well-known Islamist writer Ali Bulac has claimed, for example, that, "the state knew about the Hizballah and [that] this was kept hidden by the `deep layers' [derin tabakalar].
(12) For example, see Ali Bulac, Din ve Modernizm (Istanbul: Beyan, 1992).
Average corn grain yield for 1972 through 1995 on Monona (fine-silty, mixed mesic Typic Hapludolls), Ida-Dow (fine-silty, mixed mesic Typic Udorthents), and Napier-Ken-nebec (fine-silty, mixed mesic Cumulic Hapludolls) soils was 7.2, 6.7, and 7.9 Mg [ha.sup.-1] (115, 107, and 126 bulac), respectively.
The leading Turkish Islamist intellectuals, such as Ali Bulac, Ismet Ozek, and Rasim Ozdenoren, have promoted the ideal of a pristine Islam without supporting the establishment of a theocracy.(45) Militant Islam, according to experts, is only a fringe movement among a plethora of Islamic groups and organizations.(46) Likewise, Islamic parties in Pakistan have benefitted immensely from a democratic system that allows them political participation.
Turkey's Ali Bulac, a university-based theologian, has captured the imagination of the educated young with his call for authenticity and a reinterpretation of the first years of the Prophet's rule, applying Muhammad's precepts and practices to current controversies about pluralism and civil society.
Ali Bulac, the founder of Insan Publications in Istanbul, said recently:
The Go-Duterte Davao selection will be backed by two imports having Leandry Sancho and Shooster Olago with its roster having Brian Mago, Glen Manlangit, James Linares, Mahloney Tarranza, Conrad Fernando, Ivan San Diego, Dale Soriano, James Doblado, Joshua Aguilon, Bon Bulac, Miguel Pacheco, Francis Espiritu and De La Salle University's Francis Escandor.