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Kwa Bulo residents in Nyali constituency will soon get their titles deeds.
NIA recently led the groundbreaking and capsule-laying of the P990-million Bulo small reservoir irrigation project (SRIP) in Dona Remedios Trinidad in Bulacan.
Se configuraria asi el circuito turistico industrial "Lota Sorprendente", que mas tarde incluiria el Museo Historico de Lota, emplazado en la entrada del parque, y la reproduccion del pueblito minero realizada para la pelicula Subterra (Ferrari, Bulo & Pantoja, 2003).
DONYA REMEDIOS TRINIDAD, Bulacan-National Irrigation Administration (NIA) and local officials of Bulacan led the groundbreaking of the P990-million Bulo Dam in this town at the Bulo River on Monday morning.
The only purpose of the chief minister is to polish his own image, rather causing awareness in the society," parliamentarian and national president of Youth RJD Bulo Mandal told the media on Friday.
Kuol confirmed he and Lieutenant Colonel Manut Yel Lual, Major Diing, 1st Lt Bulo, 1st Athian had joined South Sudan Patriotic army under the overall command of Lieutenant General Agany Abdel Bagi Ayii Akol, a rebel movement fighting to topple the government in Juba.
Himanshu Gupta, Eusebio Macete, Helder Bulo, Crizolgo Salvador, Marian Warsame, Eva Carvalho, Didier Menard, Pascal Ringwald, Quique Bassat, Sonia Enosse, [1] Alfredo Mayor [1]
Spain's Maldito Bulo ("damn hoax"), for example, was launched specifically to debunk viral hoaxes, and has weighed in on misleading images from both sides of recent the Catalan demonstrations.
And while the final trajectory of the route won't be settled until early next year, it has been determined that the rail line will start in the Atlantic Port of Santos, in Brazil, enter Bolivia in Puerto Suarez (just a few kilometers from Cerro Mutun, the world's largest iron-ore deposit), pass through the municipalities of Santa Cruz, Montero, and Bulo Bulo on its way to La Paz, in the Bolivian highlands, and run from there to Peru, where it will end in Ilo.