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BULOGBadan Urusan Logistik (Indonesian national logistics agency)
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This rice will be exported to BULOG Indonesia with Indian label, which is extremely against the law and we strongly condemn such act.
Where: D--duration of RASKIN (months); S--number of target poor families (households); A--allocation of rice per month / HH (kg); HPB--rice purchase price by the government to BULOG (Rupiah (Rp) / kg); HJR--selling price to poor households (Rupiah (Rp) / kg), it is set in a certain price by the government.
Related to the assignment of government to BULOG in food subsidy in Indonesia, the overall cost structure components are all of cost in the HPB.
Therefore, the government of Indonesia, through BULOG (the state owned logistic body) decided to mill the flour locally.
Up to the middle of 1998, PT Bogasari, was only operated as flour miller which received orders for milling from BULOG (the stated own national logistic body) which was entrusted by the Government to take the control of wheat import and flour distribution in the country.
BULOG, National Logistic Agency, was previously the sole authorized importer of wheat grain and it controls the distribution of wheat.
BULOG is no longer the sole authority in importing wheat and distributing wheat flour.
In the case of Tanjung, Fahmi told the court the speaker ''knew or at least had knowledge that the BULOG money could not be used except in the interests of BULOG.
However, defense attorney Amir Syamsuddin argued that the money had been disbursed at the permission of then BULOG Chairman Rahardi Ramelan and legalized by Habibie.
Wiranto has said that of the 10 billion rupiah he got from BULOG, at least 1 billion rupiah was to be used for setting up the Commission for Peace and Stability to ensure people in East Timor voted against independence from Indonesia in a U.
Tanjung was summoned by the office after being named as a prime witness in the BULOG scandal.
The Attorney General's Office has named former BULOG Chairman Rahardi Ramelan as a suspect in a case involving the swindling of 54 billion rupiah (about $5.