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BULOGBadan Urusan Logistik (Indonesian national logistics agency)
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Release date- 16082019 - Semarang - As a form of synergy between SOEs, PT Pertamina (Persero) Marketing Operation Region IV of Central Java and DI Yogyakarta and the Central Java Regional Logistics Agency Divorum signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to optimize the Bulog's Rumah Kita Food Program (RPK) and outlets Pertamina Non-Subsidized LPG MOR IV.
Rice Exporters will supply as per following to BULOG in which 5 percent Broken at the rate of $460 and 15 percent broken at the rate of $450 percent tons and the consignment comprised of 150,000 metric tons in the current year, he added.
The latter was important, according to Bulog's first head, to protect potentially restive urban consumers (Tirtosudiro 1997:19).
This rice will be exported to BULOG Indonesia with Indian label, which is extremely against the law and we strongly condemn such act.
Bulog's chief executive, Sutarto Alimoeso, said he was not aware the government-to-government deal had been scrapped.
The agency known as Bulog is currently importing 300,000 tons from Thailand and 500,000 tons from Vietnam for stockpiles, Alimoeso said.
To implement RASKIN program, the government appointed Perum BULOG (National Logistics Board) in accordance with Government Regulation No.7/2003.
Bulog, the state agency whose role had shrunk in the 1990s, was again put in charge of stabilizing the market and acting as a safety net.
4, 2002, for corruption in connection with the misuse of 40 billion rupiah from the National Logistics Agency (BULOG) in 1999.
In 1998, as both the rupiah and the Indonesian government collapsed, the monopoly state trader, Bulog, utterly failed to perform its stabilisation function for either producers or consumers.
Tanjung, 56, has been in custody since March 7 for allegedly misusing 40 billion rupiah (about $4.1 million) in funds from the National Logistics Agency (BULOG) in 1999 when he served as state secretary in the administration of former President B.J.
House of Representatives Speaker Akbar Tanjung reiterated Tuesday that he has not committed any wrongdoing in a multimillion dollar financial scam relating to Indonesia's National Logistics Agency (BULOG).