BUMDBadan Usaha Milik Daerah (Indonesian: Regionally-Owned Enterprises)
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I include interaction terms between BEFORE and each of the other variables, thereby giving BMarket, BSMB, BHML, and BUMD. Portfolio returns are calculated using value-weighted returns.
Purnama has said development would be carried out by companies (BUMD) owned by the city administration in cooperation with private companies.
As part of this process, the Company's local BUMD (Regency owned enterprise) partner (or their nominee) will be issued a 5% direct interest in each of the Moly Companies.
China Huadian Corp will be a 55% shareholder of the project, TBBA is a 28% owner, PT Indika Inti Energi and PLN each to have a 8% stake and regional administration company (BUMD) to hold the remaining 1%.
(BUMN and BUMD), workers of private companies and entrepreneurs.
A breakthrough, therefore is needed such as in the form of the consortium between the exporters and the government represented by state-owned trading companies or regional administration companies (BUMD).