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BUMFBum Fodder (toilet paper; chiefly British military slang for information developed without an accurate basis)
BUMFBrakes Undercarriage Mixture Fuel (pilot mnemonic for takeoff/landing check list)
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Bumf apart, it was a great launch with a parachute display and fireworks.
Welsh Lib Dem leader Kirsty Williams said: "There are pages and pages of self congratulatory bumf, with little meaning or use to Assembly Members or the people of Wales.
The large (7x7in) advert listed all the usual office-speak bumf about what the roles entailed, and the key requirements needed by candidates.
According to the bumf this is a "story of survival from a child abused by his alcoholic mother." Charming.
When I first applied to university, I was sent a bulk load of bumf explaining how, as a young gal, many opportunities were open to me.
Joiner Eddie Taylor, 57, scrunched up the official notification and told wife Lorraine it was "useless bumf".
Using technology developed for missile tracking by NASA (or so they say in their publicity bumf) the ultra-fine laser reshapes the cornea and scans the eye 4,000 times per second to ensure super-accurate refinements.
But that vague brochure had one advantage - I was able to drive a test vehicle without being subjected to horrendous torque envelope tables and endless bumf about gear ratios.
When you've heard all the spiel and read all the bumf rammed through the letter box you just want to know what a person is like.
Bangkok, Dubai, Mumbai and Singapore are likely to make an understandably big deal of the fact that they're attracting the likes of Djokovic, Nadal and Murray, referred to in IPTL's extensive PR bumf as 'icons', as well as the obligatory clutch of 'legends', including Sampras and Agassi, to their towns.
A REPORT card into the performance of the Welsh Government in implementing its own policies has been attacked as "pages and pages of self-congratulatory bumf" and a "fig leaf for failure" by opposition parties.
More spin and bumf say the Lib Dems, a fig leaf for failure, says the Tories.