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BUMFBum Fodder (toilet paper; chiefly British military slang for information developed without an accurate basis)
BUMFBrakes Undercarriage Mixture Fuel (pilot mnemonic for takeoff/landing check list)
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It provides sports, shopping and entertainment all in one building to create "the ultimate destination", as the PR bumf says.
But that vague brochure had one advantage - I was able to drive a test vehicle without being subjected to horrendous torque envelope tables and endless bumf about gear ratios.
But if I hadn't looked right through all of the bumf on the web page, I would have missed the small matter of a one-way supplement.
More spin and bumf say the Lib Dems, a fig leaf for failure, says the Tories.
Catching two games on the same day will be easy," says their PR bumf, although this could be difficult unless the second game kicks off after 10pm local time.
The publisher's bumf accompanying this book says that "no authoritative English-language general history of the game has been published .
Televised poker tournaments are intense affairs at the best of times, but the WSPO came with the justifiable promise of "more tension, more excitement and more action than previous televised poker tournaments" according to the PR bumf.
It all seemed a bit daunting when the bumf from the boat hire company, CambrianCruisers, came through.
A senior child protection officer writes to a newspaper to warn that the rising level of bumf is "the most damaging thing in childcare.
Gateshead needs to be a town with pride, never mind this bumf in the paper telling you that it is going to happen.
Bumf is an appropriate word to describe the meanderings of record PR people (but then who am I to judge?
But that may have been something to do with the fact I hadn't fully read the endless bumf - sorry, I mean extremely useful information - which came with the car and had my specs firmly fastened to the top of my head rather than where they should have been on the end of my nose.