BUMNBadan Usaha Milik Negara (Indonesian state owned enterprises)
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The government will contribute 10% to the total investment in the form of basic infrastructure development such as roads, seaports, airports, railways and power generating plants, with the private sector including BUMN to put up the bulk of the investment.
BUMN are expected to take over a bigger role than the government with an 18% contribution to the total investment mainly in infrastructure development and main economic activities.
5-kilometer 400 2012 Bandar Tinggi--Kuala Tanjung track Construction of Sei 150 2011 Mangke--Kota Lima Puluh track Sources of fund : BUMN Construction of tracsk between 4.
8 --Paper 67 Total 80 7,902,100 100 Sources: APKI Table--2 Installed production capacity of pulp and paper companies by status of ownership--2009 Status Number of Pulp Paper companies companies (unit) Capacity % Capacity % (tons/year) (tons/year) BUMN 3 240,000 3.
PT Krakatau Steel, BUMN will expand its production capacity for HRC through internal restructuring.
Let us jointly build a state-owned Indonesian conglomerate that can compete internationally and professionally to make the country proud," she said while delivering a speech at the signing of a memorandum of understanding by several state-owned companies, locally known as BUMNs, here on Thursday.
To make BUMNs capable of forming a conglomerate, a strong synergy is needed, she added.
Other units of IIPHHK of BUMNs are located in North Maluku totaling 876,379 hectares and Bengkulu 33,000 hectares, etc.