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BUMPSBirth Under Midwifery Practice Scheme (UK)
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They could now fly strongly, though they still kicked far too much; but if they saw a cloud in front of them, the more they tried to avoid it, the more certainly did they bump into it.
By the time the bump on my forehead had swelled as big as a nut, our aprons were half full, and we sat down to enjoy ourselves.
Down rushed Debby to find me dancing about the kitchen with a great bump on my forehead, a big spoon in my hand, and a pair of bright purple feet.
The tail was formed by a small branch that had been left on the log, while the head was a gnarled bump on one end of the body.
Both products are formulated to work in tandem to treat razor irritation, bumping, redness and itching while slowing hair regrowth after one has shaved, waxed or used depilatories, according to High lime, which has more than four decades of experience in making products capable of providing relief from razor bumps.
Last year, another study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection found that the fist bump is a healthier alternative to the handshake within health care settings.
TSMC s copper bump-based package technology provides excellent value for small bump pitch (
Created to stimulate the most sensitive areas for maximum pleasure, Fun Bumps condoms feature what Ansell describes as "420 intensely stimulating studs, strategically placed along the condom to excite in all the fight areas.
These speed bumps are lumpy and haphazard, some of them only reach halfway across the road.
All but one of the 34 had worse pain over the bumps.
Patients were classed as "speed bump positive" if their pain worsened while travelling over speed bumps or "speed bump negative" if they did not.
Patients were classed as "speed bump positive" if they had a worsening of pain whilst travelling over speed bumps or "speed bump negative" if their pain stayed the same, if they were unsure, or if their pain improved.