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BUMPYBirstall Urban Motorcycle Project for Youth (est. 1989; UK)
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Eventually, following request after request for "the cake with the bumps," the name was officially changed to "Chocolate Bumpy Cake"--and a dessert icon was born.
e previous quarter's research revealed increases in 'critical' distress, suggesting the city is experiencing a bumpy economic recovery.
I only just kept it together on the first run but the conditions are bumpy and it was tough to hang on.
The bumpy form of the virus would be the form present in humans, so the optimal dengue virus vaccines should induce antibodies that preferentially recognize epitopes exposed in that form," Rossmann said.
Geneva: The European car market still has a long, bumpy road ahead before it can hope to again see sales numbers approaching the pre-crisis glory days, Ford's European chief said Tuesday.
073km, 23-turn, bumpy, twisty Marina Bay Street Circuit is also the most demanding, both physically and mentally.
Bumpy, based at Howden Clough Industrial Estate in Birstall, works with young people.
Summary: WASHINGTON - The United States and China approach high-level talks in Washington this week on a more even footing reflecting the Asian giant's rising economic power, but a bumpy road lies ahead.
Some lines have a smooth, slick surface, some are rough or bumpy.
One lane of the highway is totally in a dilapidated condition and bumpy due to over-loaded trucks exceeding the weight limit fixed by the National Highway Authority (NHA).
Recovery in central and eastern Europe will be gradual and bumpy.
Today's numbers, however, were a good reminder that recoveries cannot only be bumpy but also capricious.