BUNCBelgian United Nations Command
BUNCBlonde Un Chick (The X-Files)
BUNCBOINC UK Newsletter Circular
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According to the results of studies from AL-Haza et al [2], Chin et al [11], Tugary et al [36], (1998),Withers et al (1977), Bangsbo et al [6], Davis et al [13], Aziz et al [4], Rahkila et al [26], Di-Salvo et al [15], Cometti et al [12], Tiryaki et al [35], Puga et al [25], Helgerud et al [18], Bury et al [9], Luhtanen [26], Bunc et al [8] and Casajus [10], Iranian elite soccer players' height and weight average was less than their counterparts from Denmark, England, Australia, Norway, Italy, Finland, The Republic of Czechoslovakia, Spain and Belgium and are more than those from Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, France, New Zealand and South America.
Sea boom turns to bust Timebomb of f J too many old folk SNP claim Coalition's axemen bunc a bunch of hypocrites Only we can defend services Alexander only f and focused on cuts
Pick of the bunch th th th th the bu bu bu bu bunc nc nc nc nch BUTLAND DEFENCE KYLE WALKER Rating: 7/10 The Tottenham right-back defended well and was threatening in attack.
Bunc states that body hydration changed by 0.5 l (intake or loss) can already affect the result within the range of 2-4 % of the absolute value [8].
BUNC V, HELER J, HORCiC J, et al., 1996, Physiological Profile of Best Czech Male and Female Young Triathletes, J Sports Med Phys Fitness Dec; 36(4):265-70
The obtained values of the morphological characteristics are in accordance with the research carried out on top football players in some European leagues (Czech, Slovakian, Spanish and Swedish), as well as the average maximum oxygen intake that is insignificantly lower than in the mentioned research (Bunc & Pssota, 2001).
(68) Comentando al pasaje de la carta a los Efesios donde se habla de Cristo como nuestra paz, obselva santo Tomas: Christus autem bunc parietem removit, et ira cura nullum remaneret interstitium, factus est populus unus Iudaeorum et Gentilium: In Eph., cap.
NK NAFTA: Luk, Matjasec, Caban, Oslaj, Bunc, Mujakovic, Vassiljev, Koplarovics, Gerencer, Jankovic, Sebok.
Social worker Kathryn Close describes the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council (BUNC), the organization that propelled Saul Alinsky into national prominence as a community organizer.