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BUNDBundeswehr (German Armed Forces)
BUNDBund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (Association for Environment and Nature Protection; German branch of Friends of the Earth)
BUNDBritish Universities Newsreel Database
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The irrigation department has built loop bunds across the province to fortify the front bund of Indus river so that the bunds contain floodwater in case of a breach in the front embankment.
Any kind of slackness in this regard will not be tolerated at any cost, he warned and directed increasing patrolling and monitoring along the bunds round-the-clock.
We had no other option except to line them up across the Sabuna Bund facing left Marginal Bund towards Pakistan.
If he's good to his word then even in the case of Greece, a 10-year German bund at 10 basis points would have a limit in terms of a yield of minus 20 basis points, which would be a 30 basis point move.
A witness said that some coupons that looked like "dollar bill" were being thrown from a building's third-floor window near the Bund and people standing along the river bank started to scramble for these coupons.
Town councillor and Glasdir resident, Katy Morgan Williams said: "We were euphoric after hearing we'd had all the funding for the bund and at the possibility that the work could start before Christmas.
From the outset, Slucki stresses that the postwar Bund failed to achieve anything close to its prewar status.
To stay ahead of new standards in energy management, Shanghai Bund Property Co.
Another breach took place in Pana-Baghar Bund opposite Faqir Goth near Thatta in the August 24-25 night, but was plugged promptly by a ring bund on riverside.
The DB USD Bund Futures Index measures the performance of a long investment in Euro-Bund Futures, the DB USD BTP Futures Index measures the performance of a long position in Euro-BTP Futures and the DB USD JGB Futures Index measures the performance of a long investment in 10-year JGB Futures.
Early last week more than 500 Army troops rushed to avert an imminent major catastrophe when they timely managed to pierce a selected side of the Eru Wewa bund and stalled further spilling of flood water into Nachchiduwa Tank since its bund was by then facing a threat of bursting at any moment of the day as torrential rains continued.
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