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BUNOBureau Number
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Perryman's flightlogs, left, show he flew Nixon aboard BuNo 150614 twice in December 1971.
I was wondering if I had done anything wrong, but then he congratulated me," Buno said after winning the prize in Mobil 1 GoldStar Contest.
EoACA[pounds sterling]Through our partnership with YTL, Sezmi is helping to deliver an unprecedented range of new wireless services that dramatically raises the bar for television entertainment,EoACA[yen] said Buno Pati, cofounder and chief executive officer of Sezmi.
The information recorded on the front and back of the compass correction card--which is determined by the NAMP--must include the system, date, method, CDI/pilot, geographic location, and aircraft BUNO.
tin[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado] (koreguaje), huaho (muinane), kaadide, kura, huyup (nukak), wisiri (piapoco), wachai (piaroa), ihkino (piratapuyo), waibi (puinave), naxareboboto, (sikuani), waho (siona), i'gano (siriano), vesiriphi (tariano), buno (tatuyo), woku, wooku (tikuna), ihkino (tukano), ihki (tuyuca), mariha, yar[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]na (uitoto), kio (wanano), uehiri (yukuna)
This Buno has an older fuel-dump system that requires power to close the valve when dumping.
BUNO 825, however, was different from all the rest.
Victor Buno, a 1997 graduate in MFA acting, says that they do a good job matching students with mentors.
He beat another Mexican Juan Luis Buno on a split decision in Dublin in March and again needed to rest with a badly bruised face.
8] Sallis JF, Buno MJ, Roby JJ, Carlson D, Nelson JA.
We are very excited about our partnership with Grupo Iusacell," said Buno Pati, chief executive officer of Sezmi.
Tenders are invited for Construction of pcc road from chakborty bari to buno dighir par.