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BUOYBusiness United with Officers and Youth
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A strong buoy, strengthened by a couple of spars, was thrown into the ocean.
The broad inlet of the shallow North Sea passes gradually into the contracted shape of the river; but for a long time the feeling of the open water remains with the ship steering to the westward through one of the lighted and buoyed passage-ways of the Thames, such as Queen's Channel, Prince's Channel, Four-Fathom Channel; or else coming down the Swin from the north.
As fast as we hooked a net the two ends of it, buoy and boat, came together as they dragged out astern; and so many buoys and boats, coming together at such breakneck speed, kept the fishermen on the jump to avoid smashing into one another.
He fastened the straps for her, then, with the pistol belt, buckled himself across one shoulder to the outside of the buoy.
For half an hour they maintained silence, Duncan, his head resting on the arm that was on the buoy, seemed asleep.
Emma Jane and Rebecca had a dialogue, and the sense of companionship buoyed up Emma Jane and gave her self- reliance.
It was like my own marsh country, flat and monotonous, and with a dim horizon; while the winding river turned and turned, and the great floating buoys upon it turned and turned, and everything else seemed stranded and still.
Buoy barnacle, scientifically known as Dosima fascicularis, are crustaceans - related to crabs, lobsters, and shrimps.
A spokesperson for the TVLB said: "This is very dangerous behaviour as these buoys are an essential part of lifesaving near water - if you see anyone playing around with a buoy then please report it to the police so that appropriate action can be taken."
When four members of the Brigade arrived on the scene within five minutes of the call, they quickly found and retrieved the buoy and returned it to its correct location.
Green Buoy Consulting founder, Eliza Erskine says, "New York City declared a climate emergency and the plastic bag ban is coming in 2020.
(NYSE: REZI) has acquired California, US-based water tracking company Buoy Labs, based in Santa Cruz, California, the company said.