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BUPERSBureau of Naval Personnel
BUPERSChief, Bureau of Naval Personnel (US Navy)
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Working closely with BUPERS, the FMH gathered needed data from OAIS and TFMMS, and then manually updated the LMS.
The best evidence of the changing career patterns is found in successive editions of the BUPERS Manual, and The Naval Officer's Guide, 1951-83.
The TFNF team, in concert with BUPERS, helped ensure that every entitlement under the law was made available for military and Don civilian personnel.
In early 2013, the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) took steps to significantly improve their privacy program.
According to recently released NAVADMIN 398/10, command leaders can now view their service members' Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) with OMPF-Command View, a new tool launched on BUPERS Online (BOL) by Navy Personnel Command (NPC).
THERE were 10 winners in all out of My Bupers, and it was not her fault that her name became best and most notoriously known as the dam of the wretched Snaafi Dancer, $10.2 million's worth of equine refuse.
BUPERS Privacy Cadre for significantly improving the Bureau's ability to safeguard Sailor's PII and continuing to seek ways to reduce the mishandling of sensitive PII and continually improve the effectiveness of the BUPERS Privacy Program.
The following tutorial was developed by a Bureau of Personnel (BUPERS) staff member.
Navy Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) to generate a food order in the Food Service Management (FSM) system using a DD Form 1149.
The Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS)/Navy Personnel Command (NPC) is responsible for handling a large volume of personally identifiable information (PII) in the daily processing of personnel transactions supporting all Navy uniformed members.
To view their orders, IA Sailors can log onto BUPERS Online (BOL) www.bol.navy.mil, select the NMCMPS link, and click "View My Orders."
Not coincidently, MNP seeks to address the number one issue of Sailors in the "Reducing Administrative Distractions" (RAD) initiative, launched August 2013: "Drastically cut the number of websites and databases that Sailors need to use." In the RAD feedback, roughly 2,390 Sailors cited the challenge of juggling too many logins and passwords for the myriad websites, such as BUPERS Online (BOL), the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS), Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), and others.