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BUPERSBureau of Naval Personnel
BUPERSChief, Bureau of Naval Personnel (US Navy)
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The best evidence of the changing career patterns is found in successive editions of the BUPERS Manual, and The Naval Officer's Guide, 1951-83.
This article provides four examples where BUPERS has taken significant steps to reduce the use of the SSN and to better safeguard PII in its hundreds of personnel processes.
OMPF-Command View is accessible via BUPERS Online at https://www.
They educate their personnel about the importance of protecting PII; they conduct mandatory semi- annual spot checks; and, report breaches to the BUPERS PII Coordinator.
As you can see, OP has myriad responsibilities that have directorate/division functions within multiple commands, with solid and dotted line relationships that cross NAVSUP, NPC, BUPERS, and OPNAV.
BUPERS has successfully removed the display of full and partial SSNs from all eLeave reports.
To view their orders, IA Sailors can log onto BUPERS Online (BOL) www.
Utilizes Inactive Manpower and Personnel Management Information System (IMAPMIS), BUPERS Online (BOL) and other various systems in order to review and research officers' careers during counseling sessions
According to BUPERS Command Information Officer, Stephen Hubbard, BUPERS, Navy Education and Training Command (NETC) and PMW 240 are full partners in the MPTE data transformation effort.
mil and official military personnel files are available on BUPERS Online https://www.
These systems are all accessible through BUPERS On-Line at https://www.
Once a suitability determination for the member and dependents are submitted via BUPERS Online (BOL), the member's order routing process will continue.