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BUPPIEBlack Urban Professional Person
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The latest example is "buppies." They are the increasingly affluent black urban professionals.
His hosts, a buppie couple, are putting him through the paces, demanding to know why they should invest in his fund and not one of the darling mutual funds they've so often seen touted in financial magazines.
Stickney and Stacy Highsmith), dressed in colorful hip-hop fashion, come together, and a middle-aged "Buppie" couple (Terry E.
When the arrest records of this latest uprising are finally analyzed, they will probably also vindicate the judgment of many residents that all segments of black youth, gang and non-gang, "buppie" as well as underclass, took part in the disorder.
In these blocks are a mixture of well-cared-for brick Victorian townhouses and gardens maintained by elderly, black retired schoolteachers like my late mom, younger two-income working families and a few stalwart, young Buppie hoodsteaders.
Back in female garb, Frederique discovers her dad, Pierre (Claude Rich), is head curator at a museum and lives in a magnificently appointed apartment with his younger male lover of 10 years, Francis (Dieudonne), a buppie proctologist with an amusing eating disorder.
Jonathan Rollins, Law's matinee-idol buppie, defended a white cop in a police-brutality case spear-headed by a morally ambiguous black community leader (Al Sharpton has become television's favorite caricature).
Set in Chicago, show casts Fox as Robyn Buckley, a willful buppie who is set up on a blind date by a terminally geeky white guy named Sam Wagner (Jon Cryer in a terrific turn) whom she met in line at a restaurant.
Add some great descriptive narrative, humor, racism, sexual harassment, corporate politics and good old buppie angst and you've got Brothers and Sisters, a fictional account of a Los Angeles-based bank operations manager, Esther Jackson.
In Wellington's chapters, Earle is a budding buppie nerd and Dorothy a clubhopping fast-laner, while in Ayam's chapters, Earle and Dorothy are all cornbread innocence awaiting their first kiss.
(7) Amiri Baraka publicly protests the film accusing Lee of being a mere opportunist "buppie" intent on using Malcolm X's story to propel Lee's own movement up the class ladder.