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BURBuilt-Up Roofing
BURBiblioteca Universale Rizzoli (Italian literature publication series)
BURBusiness Research (journal)
BURBackup and Restore
BURBollettino Ufficiale Regionale (Italian: Regional Official Bulletin)
BURBuilt-Up Roof
BURBottom Up Review
BURBargaining Unit Representative (various organizations)
BURBurbank, CA, USA - Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport (Airport Code)
BURBackup Rate
BURBase Usage Rate (Association of Photographers)
BURBuild-Up Rate (drilling)
BURBack-Up Roller
BURBottoms Up Reconciliation
BURBase Unfunded Requirement
BURBlue Unit Report (military simulations)
BURBuilding Underwriting Report (Insurance Services Organization)
BURBusiness Unit Representative
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Finally, remove the bur and insert the handpiece into a bag and sterilize it.
The bur oak's current form is also an autobiography of its long life.
The bur oak's drooping bunches of male flowers have already disseminated most of their pollen.
I went on the Internet to "Iowa State Tree" and also found that the bur oak is NOT the state tree of Iowa either.
BUR has different sections elaborating various aspects on climate change in the country, such as institutional arrangements to implement the reporting process, national circumstances in which country is responding to climate change, national greenhouse gas inventory for 2010; initiatives of the government to tackle the problem of climate change along with domestic arrangements to measure, report and verify these programs.
Able to live 200 to 400 years and named for its bristly husks, or caps, bur oak goes by the names prairie oak, blue oak, scrub oak, or mossycup oak.
1),Cellophane trips,Plastic wedges,Diamond burs (Inverted cone),Diamond burs (Round),Diamond burs (flat fissure),Diamond burs (tapered),Diamond finishing burs (tapered)
He said BURS had an objective to mobilise tax revenue for the development of Botswana and that to implement its objective, it had to ensure that it had adequate resources both in terms of skilled manpower and support infrastructure.