BURASBroadband Unclassified Remote Access Service (Navy Marine Corps Intranet)
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There is likewise notable silence about how the organizations funding the production of core practices scholarship (e.g., NewSchools Venture Fund [NSVF]; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) have been instrumental in undermining public education (Buras, 2015; Zeichner & Pena-Sandoval, 2015).
Los venados buras se mantuvieron en cautiverio cinco dias en otro corral de climatizacion de 4 ha con un cerco de 2.4 m de alto ubicado a 10 km del corral de los borregos en el valle oeste de la Sierra Maderas del Carmen, tambien se les brindo agua y alfalfa, y se liberaron sin presion humana.
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El venado bura (Odocoileus hemionus Rafinesque) es el unico ungulado que actualmente se aprovecha cinegeticamente en Baja California, Mexico, anualmente se emiten mas de 110 permisos de caceria (Contreras et al., 2007).
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For example, Kristen Buras has extensively documented the ways in which the "Recovery" School District (RSD) in Louisiana has wreaked havoc on schools and communities, having particularly devastating consequences for African Americans.
The state takeover model, in particular, has been implemented in Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, and Louisiana, but also in other countries such as Haiti, Chile, and Venezuela (Buras, 2012).
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Max Buras never thought of himself as a "lucky boy." In fact, he feels more like a misfit.
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Enhance that with lots of black crappie around the various drilling structures littering the marsh, and the giant blue catfish hunkered in deep river holes just a stone's throw from launch ramps in Buras and Empire, and the Delta delivers nonstop action.