BURNTHROUGHRange At Which A Masked Radar Image Becomes Detectable
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"The unit has also helped reduce burnthrough and warpage--even on thin aluminum which is prone to these problems."
The degree of induration is controlled by varying the production rate and fan-damper positions to maintain an acceptable burnthrough temperature.
"It's a fine art to lay hot melt adhesive on a nonwoven without any strikethrough or burnthrough," said May Coating's Mr.
In backsheet lamination applications, manufacturers have been able to downgauge the poly backsheet without increasing burnthrough or heat distortion.
Kolpa, "because thinner polys can be used without burnthrough. Less expensive products with better hand are the result."
Antiquated laser cutting was plagued by pinholes at the start and stop of cutting sequences, burnthroughs, and rounded corners where sharp angle geometries were required.