BURNUBirmingham University Royal Naval Unit (UK)
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Another significant shrine was the beach cemetery, Ari Burnu, incorporating the gravestone of Private Simpson (who rescued the injured with a donkey).
Driven ashore on Kefez Point (Depez Burnu) by the strong south-running current, she was fired on by the Dardanos battery.
By then she was known by the slightly more manageable Acquanetta Burnu. At 16, she was swaying down a street in New York when a photographer's jaw dropped open in delight.
The former New York model who was born Burnu Acquanetta chose only to use her last name as her film career grew.
As the numbers have increased, the cemetery at Ari Burnu, at the site of the original Anzac landing, has become too small.
(37) NATO'nun Libya operasyonu 31 Ekim 2011'de sona ermistir ve Kaddafi rej'imi tek bir muttefik ulke askerinin burnu kanamadan ortadan kaldirilmistir.
At the Ari Burnu cemetery on the northern tip of ANZAC Cove, there are 182 carefully tended graves.
At the foot of page 42, the concluding sentences of an item about war graves at Gallipoli should have read: The first boat loads of Australians landed around Ari Burnu on 25 April and the official Dawn Service was held on Anzac Day at this cemetery before the construction of the nearby Anzac Commemorative Site at North Beach.
Bu bulgular "Khirokitia", "Kalavassos", "Petra tou Limniti" (Yesilkoy Kayahgi), "Kythrea" (Degirmenlik), "Ayios Epiktitos" (Catalkoy), "Lapitos" (Lapta) ve "Cape Andreas Kastros" (Karpas Burnu) yorelerinde yapilan kazilarda ortaya cikar.