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BURPBackUp and Restore Program
BURPBrandeis University Recycling Program
BURPBig and Ugly Rendering Project (distributed computing project)
BURPBrewers United for Real Potables (homebrewing club)
BURPBeneficial Use Reconnaissance Project
BURPBig Ugly Rock Piece (Lego slang)
BURPBasic User Registration Protocol
BURPBachelor of Urban and Regional Planning
BURPBackwards, Upwards, Rightwards Pressure (maneuver applied to laryngeal cartilage to improve view of larynx)
BURPBasic Undergraduate RISC Processor (UCSB)
BURPBlue River Parkway
BURPBlowfish Updated Re-entrant Project (cryptography)
BURPBug Restoration Project
BURPBiometric Underwater Robot Program
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That said, Harry's revamp might not have been so bad had he taken the best bits of TV Burp and slotted them seamlessly into the classic SITE format.
At of ITV's Called Sausage Time, it's "a load of silly stuff" including Harry's many puppet friends, such as Gary, his son from his first marriage who played Alan Sugar on TV Burp.
Best comedy personality: Harry Hill Best comedy programme: Harry Hill's TV Burp Best TV comedy actress: Katherine Parkinson: IT Crowd Best TV comedy actor: Simon Bird: The Inbetweeners
JOHN HILLS was happy to laugh at himself after his Lambourn stable appeared in last weekend's edition of the ITV show Harry Hill's TV Burp.
So for this series expect more memorable moments, like Harry's cover of the Bongo Song by Big Brother, Celebrity Hijack's Calista and a bionic Dean Gaffney being chased round the TV Burp studio.
As if middle school boys need another excuse to burp in public .
But some geologists remained baffled by the biogenic burp -- the only known nonpetroleum methane to seep into Los Angeles schools -- emanating from the rocky alluvium spilled from nearby hills.
The world record for the loudest burp registers 118.
Sometimes eating or drinking too fast can bring on a burp.
So you're in church in Nevada--and you let out an intentional burp.
The owners of Pixiedust manufacture fanciful burp cloths that will brighten any mother's day.
In the case of a pressure pour that does not tilt, the lowest level to which the metal can be lowered is the burp level, at which point the pressurizing gas escapes via the fill and poursiphons.