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BURSBotswana Unified Revenue Service (taxpayer service)
BURSBottom-Up Rewrite System
BURSBelmont Undergraduate Research Symposium (est. 1991)
BURSBradford University Remote Sensing, Ltd. (UK)
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He said councillors, like any other individual, had the right to secrecy and if any person owed tax and negotiated with BURS, the information had to be treated as confidential.
On other issues, most councillors expressed skepticism about public education on BURS and its mandate.
Dental burs are used to accomplish a variety of objectives which include cavity preparation, access opening during root canal treatment, caries removal, crown preparation and a myriad of other dental procedures.1 They can become contaminated heavily with saliva, blood, necrotic tissue and potential pathogens which can act as a source of cross-infection.6 Due to complex architecture of dental burs, pre-cleaning and subsequent sterilisation is difficult to achieve.7 Proper attention to adequate cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation should be ensured in the routine dental practice to prevent cross-infection.6
Various methods, including bacterial culturing, microscopic evaluation and dye staining, are used to evaluate contamination on the dental burs.1,8,9 Phloxine B is an antibacterial dye that can be easily used to assess and visualise any contamination.
The objectives of our study were to determine (1) rumen digesta raft concentrations of buffalograss burs and caryopses and legume seeds as an indication of their rumen residence times; (2) fecal concentrations of burs, caryopses and legume seeds as an indication of their total gastrointestinal tract residence times; (3) total passage of burs, caryopses, and legume seeds, and (4) germination of animal-treated burs and caryopses compared with that of untreated burs and caryopses.
30,000 intact buffalograss burs and 30,000 legume seeds were fed to each of three ruminally fistulated mixed-breed beef steers.
He described BURS as a law enforcement agency, adding that they worked hand in hand with other law enforcement agencies.
He said at the end of the financial year 2016/2017, BURS had accumulated debt in excess of P2.7 billion in unpaid tax, interest and penalties.
Mr Lebele noted that Dr Nyamadzabo has been a force behind numerous developments which took place at BURS because he was keen in maintaining a good and conducive working environment, which in turn bred positive results for both the employees and the organisation.
He said BURS had an objective to mobilise tax revenue for the development of Botswana and that to implement its objective, it had to ensure that it had adequate resources both in terms of skilled manpower and support infrastructure.
Pirri-pirri bur is native to New Zealand, thought to have been introduced to Northumberland through the wool industry on the River Tweed.