BURSIBetter Understanding of Roofing Systems Institute (Johns Manville; Colorado)
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On whether the college would join others that have left the student loan program, Bursi said those chances were slim.
Francesca Bursi and her associates reported in a poster at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology.
Bursi represents a typical local character who is deeply settled in his rural community (for example, he enjoys a "partita di bocce" every Sunday) and yet continually voices his longing for leaving and meeting his idol: "Uno di questi giorni vado in America, diceva.
These findings suggest that patients who have had an MI should be systematically screened for MR by echocardiography within a few days of their index event, Francesca Bursi, M.D., said at the annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology.
(117) In 1924 Uliopilaslaulik the song is not included, but Laulik uliopilastele in 1929 has the Estonian lyrics under the name of 'O bursi hiilgus endine'.
A ten-year review of the financial accounts of the largest Modena clothing manufacturers indicates that those firms that decentralized production reaped higher profits than those that did their own manufacturing (Bursi, 1989).
The CAESAR and SARpy VEGA models were developed based on 4,204 chemicals extracted from the Bursi dataset (Hansen et al., 2009).
Bursi, "Displacement-based and two-field mixed variational formulations for composite beams with shear lag," Journal of Engineering Mechanics, vol.
He led JM's Built-Up Roofing Systems Institute (BURSI) school for architects and engineers and then became the first technical director of the Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI).