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BURUBottom Up Review Update
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On 5 February 2013, as required under the MOUs, OBL has now formally offered Backreef joint participation in the OXX transaction on identical dollars per percentage point as the Buru transaction but on conditional terms that are regarded as highly beneficial and agreement of which should not be unreasonably withheld.
Bula; Development of equipment Ambon--Galala--Passo-- and road transport safety Durian Patah--Laha and facility under the plan to Passo--Suli--Tulehu-- develop Ambon island's Waai--Liang; highway network that provides connections between cities Development of equipment Namlea--Samalagi--Air and road transport safety Buaya--Teluk Bara and facility under the plan to Namlea--Marloso--Maka-- build Buru island's Namrole; highway that will provides connections between cities.
In June 2010, MC acquired a 50% interest in 13 conventional oil and gas exploration permits owned by Buru in the Canning Superbasin located in the Kimberley region, including the discovered gas accumulation at Yulleroo.
But in Japan he has been widely read and critically acclaimed since publication of his first novel, Kagirinaku tomeini chikai buru (1976; Eng.
In the current era, Indonesia has been represented by many writers, the greatest of whom is Pramoedya Ananta Toer, internationally famous for his remarkable Buru Quartet, which he wrote while being imprisoned by Suharto in the raw jungle island of Buru for 14 years.
Summary: Ambon, Maluku, July 28, 2010, SPA -- A landslide striking Waetama village, South Buru district, last Friday at 10 am buried 18 people and left seven others injured, a source said.
In addition to the title chapter, he discusses the language of form, the extopy of place, meanwhile on Buru, and this quartet which is not one.
On the occasion, the tribal god, Maarang Buru, and goddess, Jaher Ayo, are worshipped with other deities at the Jaher.
There is actually no transfer of meanings: English meaning is English; Buru shin is Buru shin.
The superb Brazilians, it goes without saying, are the defending champions, and in Buru and Benjamin have the golden and silver ball winners from the 2007 World Cup.
Qolbi was found guilty of violating the country's anti-terror laws for taking part in the attack on the passenger boat off Buru island in February 2005.
Sites in the Aru Islands, which the author and colleagues investigated in order to test an alternative northern route onto the Sahul Shelf via Buru, Seram and the Kei Islands (Birdsell's 1977 Route 2B), produced earliest dates for human occupation of 28 000 calendric years (O'Connor et al.