BUSELBilkent University School of English Language (Ankara, Turkey)
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"The younger designers haven't worked a lot with composites," Busel said.
Busel said that designers were keen to find a way to make cars lighter without making them smaller, since many potential car buyers were concerned about safety risks from smaller vehicles.
Analysis of the dynamics of neuron action potentials showed low intensity or an opposite sign of reactions to the stimuli without reinforcement compared to those to activating reinforced stimuli (Albrecht, Davidova, & Gabriel, 1990; Farley & Alkon, 1985; Freeman & Nicholson, 1999; Fuster & Alexander, 1971; Horn, 1967; Jasper, Ricci, & Doane, 1960; Kubota, Wolske, Poremba, Kang, & Gabriel, 1974; Kubota, Yamamoto, & Suzuki, 1996; Morrell, 1960; Powel, Watson, & Buchman, 1990; Rabinovich, 1975; Repa et al., 2001,.; Shulgina, 1969, 1976, 1978; Storozhuk, Sanzharovsky, & Busel, 1998; Tshizhenkova, 1998; Watanabe, 1986).
Storozhuk, V.M., Sanzharovsky, A.V., & Busel, B.I.
Busel, director, Composites Growth Initiative; and John Schweitzer, senior director, Government Affairs.
Directed by Vladislav Nastavsev -- one of Latvia's most prominent directors and composers -- the cast includes Guna Zarina as Medea, Mikhail Troynik as Jason, Igor Cernavskis as Creon, Maksims Busels who will be playing the messenger and Andrejs Granenko, Arje Lermans as the children.