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BUSHBushtit (bird species)
BUSHBuy US Here (1960s government contracting program)
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He led them within another but smaller circle of hedge, where grew one large and beautiful bush.
She found, just before dark, an open meadow-like break in the almost interminable bush.
Facing this hill was a park-like plain, where grew clumps of flat-topped mimosa, varied with occasional glossy-leaved machabells, and all round stretched the sea of pathless, silent bush.
Then he licked his chops in quite the same way his mother did, and began to crawl out of the bush.
He struck back into the bush, with the idea of working southward to the beach and stealing a canoe in which to go home to Port Adams.
I had to lean right out to swing the heavy shutter, and I saw a face amongst the leaves on the level with my own, looking at me very fierce and steady; and then suddenly, as though a veil had been removed from my eyes, I made out, deep in the tangled gloom, naked breasts, arms, legs, glaring eyes,--the bush was swarming with human limbs in movement, glistening, of bronze color.
The first little bird flew into the bush where Timmy and Goody Tiptoes were quietly tying up their bags, and it sang--"Who's- bin digging-up MY nuts?
Even as he had guessed, the first charge carried the howling warriors but a short distance into the open--a shrill, weird challenge from the ape-man being all that was necessary to send them scurrying back to the bush.
She burned three villages at Bina--on account of the Minota, you know--and shelled the bush.
He burst from his bush and trotted to the outhouse door, opened it, and looked in.
Patches of bush and isolated trees here and there smoked and glowed still, and the houses towards Woking station were sending up spires of flame into the stillness of the evening air.
The miser crept into the bush to find it; but directly he had got into the middle, his companion took up his fiddle and played away, and the miser began to dance and spring about, capering higher and higher in the air.