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A one-of-a-kind solution, AppLift's Fraud Buster goes further than real-time detection and prevention at the install level.
When we came back Buster was very different, the dog had mellowed Buster a bit - he was a bit hyperactive.
Buster is an outgoing and enthusiastic boy, who shows traits of a typical Labrador.
Mortified by Buster's actions, Ellie blurts out another name in a vain attempt to get Buster to move on.
It's there that he meets Buster Keaton, and the rest of the summer and many summers after are filled with fun, frolicking and practical jokes.
I got Buster from a neighbour who couldn't look after him any more.
Buster's owner Jackie Stephenson, 38, from Middlesbrough, said: "I was in bed ill at the time, when my partner Des came running upstairs and told me that Buster had swallowed his lead - a metal chain measuring over two feet long.
Buster is being looked after by the Dogs Trust in Darlington, County Durham, until he finds a new owner.
Dynova is building on the success of its Sinus Buster nasal spray with the launch of additional items.
They were losing hope when a month later the RSPCA called to say Buster, who was wearing an identification tag, had been found safe and well in a garden shed more than a mile away.
Buster, the dog belonging to TV host Paul O'Grady, has died.
Buster, who was named "best dog in TV" by TV Times magazine, retired from the show last week.