BUSUBrock University Students' Union
BUSUBath University Students Union (UK)
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Being born busu is beyond our control, Ikko gently says, and is something we must learn to accept.
The figure of the busu has been reclaimed by queer writers, most notably in the special edition of Queer Studies entitled Busu no Miwaku (the charm of busu), edited by gay writer Fushimi Noriaki (2002).
The Brock University Student Union (BUSU) has demonstrated its commitment to the environment through the creation of BioBUSU, a body that unites on-campus groups with green agendas and creates new environmental policies.
Included will be Busu (Sweet Poison), Utsuborazu (Monkey Skin Quiver) and Kawakami (Blindness, Sight and Blindness Again).
Andy Busu, Airdrie, even interrupted his family holiday in Malaga, to complain: "My holiday is ruined.
Raub district police chief Supt Wan Mohd Zahari Wan Busu however, confirmed that there was no police officer named Faiz attached to the station.
es (pa)sauksu 'ich werde rufen (Zukunft)' und es busu darijis/darijusi 'ich werde gemacht (zusammengesetzte Zukunft, die die bestimmte Zukunft ausdruckt, s.
(1) Claudiu CICEA, (2) Cosmin DOBRIN, (3) Ion POPA, (4) Cristian BUSU
Twelve words and phrases concerning physical appearance of women consisted of 6 on beauty such as bijin (beautiful person), 5 on ugliness, and 1 on both, of which the most frequently listed word was busu (ugly woman).
There are a number of terms referring to ugly women such as busu, while there is virtually none referring to ugly men, which explains the fact that women are unfairly judged by their looks.
Women's looks ranging from bijin to busu are judged by male perspectives, which is offensive and insulting.
The plural marker -d is unexpected with qongqo 'bell' (busud < busu is a regular irregularity because of the -s-), and the single-vowel genitive is only used for -n-stems.