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Whereas there were late orders given us in charge by publique authoritie, seriously commaunding the strict obervcation of thes two religious and Christian duties, Fasting, and giving of Atmes, very fit for all times, butr most necessary for these difficult seasons and lates yeares of scarcitie [...] [Yet] there be too many defective in these points, who walking after their owne ungodly lusts, do nothing else but seate over their trenchers, in al Epicurisme, without consideration of the affliction ofJoseph.
Butr reports over the weekend - following mounting market speculation last week - said RBS and Santander were considering a counter-bid as next week's deadline approaches.
The child who produced Figure 6(b) wrote "Hem" for ham and "HesTI" for hamster, and "Butr" for butter and "ButFL" for butterfly.
Butr you know, if Welsh football continues on the up and up, that wisecrack might not prove to have been so far wide of the mark come the end of this campaign.
Butr Stoke hit back to clinch victory with goals each side of the break.
Butr Negri missed two clear chances during the first half, on both occasions misdirecting headers from perfect crosses, and gradually Kilmarnock found themselves getting more of the play.
P IC thL anti-phoTA isN one F v'LAm'rooA amen (R I BUTr talk obscurecontexageocne r:d Mtsis aan life boon inshght and vitiem.
RECOMMENDATION Holland 1pt21-10 BetVictor, BlS q,C oral LOWDOWN HOLLAND STRENGTHS Thefront four ofA rjen Robben, WesleyS neijder, Ibrahim AfellayandRobin van Persieare ahugethreat WEAKNESSES The Dutch defence,w hich was found wanting onS aturday THE X FACTOR Robin van Persie Fluffedhislinesatthe weekend butr elishesthebig occasion KEY STAT Hollandhave lostjust two of their last22ma tchesa gainst teams rankedi nFifa's top eight GERMANY STRENGTHS Manuel Neuerisa top notch keeperandall oft hefront four offeramajor goalthreat WEAKNESSES The defence weres tretchedin the last20minuteson Saturday and could bev ulnerable THE X FACTOR Mario Gomez Confidencei s key forthe Bayerns trikerandhe will be flyingaf terhis goal onS aturday KEY STAT Germanyhave wontheir last11 competitive games