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BUUBeijing Union University (est. 1985; China)
BUUBasic User Unit
BUUBuild and Update Utility (Dell)
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547) and Due Nguyen (2000), as well as to an article published in Germany in the Cao Dai Giao Ly Dai Cuong [The great Caodai doctrine] magazine and then on the website of the Thien Ly Buu Toa temple (Le Anh Dung 2004; Dat Tuong 2007).
Vietnam had more opportunities in the sixth and 11th minutes, but Nguyen Buu Ngoc was unlucky to see his efforts sail over.
Lam, Truong Buu (2000), Colonialism Experienced: Vietnamese Writings on Colonialism, 1900-1931, Michigan: University of Michigan Press.
Models of the complex source of the Asnam earthquake", BuU.
Among the other heritage edifices which the company has restored include Fort Fiqain in Manah, restoration of Jama Mosque at Adam, restoration of the unique Jama Mosque at Jalan Bani Buu Ali with 52 conical and traditional domes, vaults and minarets, fort at Rumais.
After some background, we read documents resisting France's conquest (especially from Truong Buu Lam's Patterns of Vietnamese Response to Foreign Intervention).
kamawa (curripaco), bw[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]amese (macuna), hakumoho, h[activar tachado]I [deactivar tachado]bohak[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]mo[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado], momo, t[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]ehak[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]mo [activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado] (muinane), ka wan (puinave), kamuve (sikuani), buu (tikuna), h[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]t[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]moo, migoi hitimo, tirana (uitoto), piheru (yukuna)
was flight proficiency with the intent to fly to BUU [Burlington] to practice holding, procedure turns, and instrument approaches.