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BUVBasic Utility Vehicle (Institute for Affordable Transportation)
BUVBackscatter Ultraviolet (spectrometer)
BUVBaptist Union of Victoria (Victoria, Australia)
BUVBella Union, Uruguay (airport code)
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The BUV is composed entirely of locally available materials such as angle iron and salvaged auto parts.
The first BUV was a conglomerate of new materials and recycled auto parts scavenged in the United States that shipped in a container to ACREST.
All that is needed to Construct a BUV is a flat work area, welding, cutting angle iron and drilling a few holes," Lumkes said.
The BUV team started a new design immediately following the 2010 trip and spent a full year developing a completely new vehicle that can be manufactured locally using only saws, drills, and a welder.
It has been very encouraging to hear that the BUV is being used daily to haul food, water, building supplies, and people.
MpBuV clustered with human BuVs and WUHARV parvovirus (online Technical Appendix Figure).
This discovery of MpBuV urged us to further investigate BuVs and related parvoviruses in wildlife.
Nested PCR screening for BuVs detected MpBuV from 5 shrews in Mpulungu; these were the same animals that were PCR-positive for MpBuV by using a specific primer set targeting MpBuV.
Furthermore, our phylogenetic analysis showed that MpBuV clustered with BuVs but was distinct from any other known parvovirus.
The near-complete genome sequences of the 3 BuVs collected in Bhutan were obtained.
Genetic analyses of BuVs from Bhutan revealed a new genotype that may cause severe diarrhea in children.
Identification of BuV3 provides evidence of a more diverse population of BuVs than previously documented.