BUWEPSBureau of Naval Weapons
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At the next review of the paper at BuWeps, Ashworth would immediately recognize what had happened and suggest that his visitor have another talk with his BuWeps experts.
The BuWeps men would then go over their charts and data again, and outline what their visitor's paper should contain: a plan for redesigning the company's product to solve the problem.
In the 1950s, BuWeps had about 3,500 employees, but only a small fraction of them were involved in BIMRAB.
This level of interest made it obvious to BuWeps employees that the next BuWeps commander would be no different than the present one insofar as reliability was concerned, and this had a very useful effect upon their acceptance of the concept.
The chairmen of the BIMRAB committees were BuWeps officers who had the authority to put committee recommendations into effect.
[11] However, Rear Admiral Emerson Fawkes, the BuWeps Assistant Chief for Maintenance, who felt strongly about WR-30, had no authority to approve a design specification standard--only RDT&E could do that.