BUYLBuying Team Leader (US FEMA)
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Mas adelante, para convencer al mismo senor de que no deje de asistir a una misa celebrada por Fray Buyl, le da su palabra de que el se encargara personalmente de rescatar a Tacuana de las manos de Tapirazu a quien, enganado, Dulcanquellin culpa de la ausencia de su mujer.
(111) In the case of Buyl, (112) detournement de pouvoir was explained in the following terms: "an act can be challenged for detournement de pouvoir if a public body uses its powers towards ends different from those for which the powers were granted to it." (113) The State would bear the burden of proving that what was occurring was so far from being a legitimate exercise of parental power or religious devotion that it amounted to a flagrant misuse of sphere authority.
Previous findings have shown that the longer TMT members work together, the more beneficial this is to mutual understanding, trust, and interaction (Buyl, Boone, Hendriks, & Matthyssens, 2011).
Margot De Kooning, MSc; (1-2) Liesbeth Daenen, PhD; (1-2) Nathalie Roussel, PhD; (1,3) Patrick Cras, PhD, MD; (2,4) Ronald Buyl, PhD; (5) Kelly Ickmans, PhD; (1) Filip Struyf, PhD; (1,3) Jo Nijs, PhD (1) *
"The Only One," Comedy; producer, Mariano Vanhoof; director, Geoffrey Enthoven; cast, Hand Buyl, Marijke Pinoye, Viviane De Muynck.
Inequality of team members may affect the attitude and behaviors of group members' decision-making process (Buyl, Boone, Hendriks, & Matthyssens, 2011) and thus, omitting consideration of disparity within a team could limit understanding of the diversity-team creativity relationship.
For instance, Buyl and her colleagues (2011) showed that the status of the chief executive as a founder negatively affected the relationship between top management team (TMT) functional diversity and firm performance.
Pauline Dora van der Groen Paulette Ann Petersen Cecile Rosemarie Bergmans Albert Idwig Stephane Martha Julienne De Bruyn With: Camilla Blereau, Francois Beukelaers, Nand Buyl.
Consistent with the results reported in prior research (Buyl, Boone, & Matthyssens, 2012; De Dreu & de Vries, 2001), we found that professional, experience, and thinking types of heterogeneity were significantly positively correlated with knowledge sharing.