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Finally, we estimate a panel BVAR with the same sets of endogenous and exogenous variables to examine if our results hold for the sample as a whole.
In our steady-state BVAR, a long-run value for inflation of 2 percent is imposed; as a result, this model goes toward 2 percent very quickly.
Elliot and###USA###AR, BVAR,###best and###No Benchmark.
BVAR. In (1), the vector c contains n intercept terms and each matrix [A.sub.i] contains [n.sup.2] coefficients; hence, with the increase of variables and lag, n + [pn.sup.2] coefficients must be estimated, which increase exponentially with the number of variables in the system.
In this study, factors affecting firm performance are studied on the basis of MTM using both VAR and BVAR models via impulse response functions (IRFs) providing evidence from the manufacturing sector of Turkey.
The VAR and BVAR estimations use all the nine observable series utilized in the benchmark estimation of the DSGE model.
John Silvia and Azhar Iqbal demonstrate the use of Bayesian vector autoregression (BVAR) to make one-month-ahead forecasts of variables important to financial markets and systematically compare their results to Bloomberg's consensus forecasts of the same variables.
(3) The effects on the Swedish economy have been calculated with the aid of two models: a Bayesian vector-autoregressive model (BVAR) with a financial channel, and KIMOD, the NIER's macroeconomic model.