BVCMBrother Value Chain Management
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For a number of years, Blyth Valley Council has paid BVCM's monthly pounds 10,000 salary bill in advance, with the money being repaid later when grants and other external funding are received.
The council was made aware of the organisation's looming financial crisis late last year and, after the failure of rescue attempts, BVCM ceased to operate at Christmas.
A report to councillors last week said any legal action against ex-trustees would be complicated by doubts over their identities, as BVCM does not have an updated list.
Tenders are invited for Door Assembly For Bvcm To Drg.No.Wd-15009-S-13, Alt-Nil, Item-1
Tenders are invited for Gaurds Seat For Goods Brake Van For Bvcm Wagon .