BVCOGBrazos Valley Council of Governments (Texas)
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BVCOG has the distinction of being the first agency in the United States to complete a Text-to-911 call using Airbus DS Communications' VESTA 9-1-1 integrated VESTA[R] SMS system which enables native handling of text and voice in a single application.
As one of the early adopters of Text-to-911, BVCOG is a trailblazer in Next Gen emergency communications, said Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE.
Public Safety agencies would never think twice about recording every 9-1-1 call, even though they may only need to retrieve one call out of a thousand for legal documentation, said Anita Pitt, 9-1-1 Program Manager, Brazos Valley Council of Governments (BVCOG).
NICE Inform goes beyond simply capturing 9-1-1 Texts to enable BVCOG to search for, retrieve, export, save and share text conversations, and associated metadata, for investigations.