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BVDVBovine Viral Diarrhea Virus
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In their first trial, calves still possessing high levels of circulating maternal antibodies were exposed to a virulent BVDV 2-type strain at between 2 and 5 weeks of age and again after maternal antibodies had waned.
The animals were not screened for pestiviruses before their introduction into the herd but were vaccinated regularly for BVDV.
Diagnostic assays applied in BVDV control in the Netherlands.
In pregnant cows, BVDV infection can cause spontaneous abortion or premature birth.
Canopus BioPharma's in-vitro research report concludes: "In our experience no drug in this in-vitro system has been recorded to completely inhibit BVDV or act in any way superior to the compounds submitted by Canopus BioPharma.
Among the entire herd, only this bovine was affected based on the information provided by the owner, and no inflammatory lesions were observed in the central nervous system (CNS) based on the negative immunohistochemistry results regarding the detection of BVDV antigens.
The immune response of cattle, persistently infected with noncytopathic BVDV, after superinfection with antigenically semi-homologous cytopathic BVDV.
Together with the arboviruses, BVDV and SFV have been shown to be highly susceptible to inactivation under mildly acidic conditions (low pH).
1987), em bovinos permanentemente soronegativos ou com baixos titulos de anticorpos e em animais persistentemente infectados pelo BVDV que apresentam resposta imune deprimida a infeccoes pelo BLV (EAVES et al.