BVLCBACnet Virtual Link Control
BVLCBelden Village Lighting Center (Canton, OH)
BVLCBlossom Valley Learning Consortium (California)
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Formed to help members meet socially, enjoy company and make new friendships, the BVLC diary features a variety of speakers, entertainers and charity fundraising events.
While there are 11 BVLC message types in all, three are of particular importance here: Original-Unicast-NPDU; Original-Broadcast-NPDU; and Forwarded-NPDU.
The BACnet decoders are currently defined as BVLC (BACnet Virtual Link Control or BACnet/IP specific decoding), BACnet (BACnet NPDU or network layer decoding), and BACapp (BACnet APDU or application layer decoding).