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has failed to protect masses: BVMP QUETTA: Baloch Voice for Missing Persons (BVMP) Chairman, Nasrullah Baloch has stated that government has utterly failed to protect masses, which is evident from unabated incidents of target killings, forced disappearances and dumped dead bodies.
The BVMP as well as some other political and nationalists parties allege that Baloch youth and political activists were still being whisked away while on the other hand the concerned Home department, which is somehow looking into the matter, contradicts the assertions claiming that the number of missing persons as per the lists and data it had are not in hundreds and so the Commission on the Missing Persons, which has had at least three sessions in Quetta over the last couple of months, is under hearing of lesser or greater some 102 such cases.
However, the BVMP have reservations in this regard and insists that the number of missing persons runs in hundreds.