BVRSBlacksburg Volunteer Rescue Squad (est. 1950; Blacksburg, VA)
BVRSBureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (Pennsylvania)
BVRSBitterroot Valley Ragtime Society (California)
BVRSBuena Vista Rescue Squad
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For information about Person of Vision dinner tickets or BVRS programs and services, call 412-368-4400.
The award of this contract to BVRS, by this advanced navy force illustrates our customer's belief in the caliber of our systems and technologies.
At a meeting of BVRS' Board of Directors, convened to approve the financial results of BVRS for the first nine months of 2002, the Board and specifically the representatives of BVRS' principal shareholders, expressed such principal shareholders' commitment to support BVRS' operations, in any case it is so needed, to an extent and nature to be agreed among such principal shareholders.
The BVRS IFEWS(TM) is a unique airborne simulator for the training and debriefing of electronic warfare scenarios.
More recently, BVRS announced that its Armor Gunnery and Tactical Simulator, a multi-ship simulation facility, for multi level ground forces Distributed Mission Training, has been successfully completed.
In addition, BVRS will present the Constellation SCS(TM) (Secure Cabin System), a unique set of aircraft interior security modules designed to provide protection of passengers, pilots, and crewmembers.