BVRTBenton Visual Retention Test
BVRTBrisbane Valley Rail Trail (Australia)
BVRTBritish Vita Racing and Tuning
BVRTBest Value Review of Training (UK)
BVRTBasic Vehicle Rescue Technician (Pennsylvania State Fire Academy)
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There were significant differences between groups in both the BVRT copy and memory tasks (Table 1 and Fig.
Classification according to BVRT normative milestones
Finally, it was observed that DD scores in both copy and memory tasks were more frequently classified under the milestone for their age (according to the BVRT normative milestones), when compared to the TD.
The test battery (approximately 90 minutes' duration) was conducted in the following order: demographics, CMS verbal learning and immediate recall, short break, BVRT form C and D, CFSEI-3, short break, CMS delayed recall and delayed recognition, Digit Span Forward.
The scores of BVRT also correlated with the scores of WMS supplementary index (visuomotor).
The results of BVRT highly correlated with the results of Wechsler memory scale supplementary index Visuomotor.
These findings suggest that cerebral aging impacts all categories of BVRT errors but has differential effects on particular error types (Resnick, Trotman, Kawas, & Zonderman, 1995).
1995) found that [Epsilon] 4 carriers showed worse performance on the BVRT and had significantly reduced asymmetry between the right and left hippocampi.
Indeed, the association was strongest for the BVRT, a test involving both selective attention and working memory: Directly exposed subjects had a risk of 3.