BVSDBoulder Valley School District (Colorado)
BVSDBlacklick Valley School District (Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania)
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More than 20% of students now take advantage of open enrollment to attend BVSD schools other than those assigned to them by attendance area - an unusually high percentage.
We collected data from five sources: 1) surveys of parents and educators in BVSD schools; 2) focus group discussions with this same group; 3) a follow-up survey of principals; 4) a random telephone survey of BVSD parents; and 5) statistical records on open enrollment, test scores, demographics, funding, and fund-raising.
The BVSD Department of Research and Evaluation supplied most of the statistical records.
Although the BVSD MIS shop has supported the infrastructure build-up, their knowledge in UNIX system administration is extremely limited.
To train in-school contact people, BVSD is designing a course that covers simple installation and maintenance of network software and network operation at a school level.
Note: most BVSD members currently use regular dial-up to access the Internet, so the vast majority of training has been done on command-line, character-based interfaces.