BVWBetriebliches Vorschlagswesen (German)
BVWBlue Valley West (Kansas high school)
BVWBuilding Virtual Worlds (course at Carnegie Mellon University)
BVWBordering Vegetated Wetlands
BVWBlack Vine Weevil (insect)
BVWBillard Verband Westfalen (German: Billiards Association of Westphalia; Westphalia, Germany)
BVWBelgische Vereniging van Werktuigkundigen (Dutch: Belgian Society of Mechanical Engineers; Belgium)
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Average total and effective porosity in the studied formations in well Shaikhan-8 Formations Average PHIT Average PHIE Qamchuqa 0.08 0.07 Sarmord 0.10 0.08 Garagu 0.14 0.12 Table 4 Saturation fluid value within the studied formations in well Shaikhan-8 Formations Average [S.sub.w] Average [S.sub.xo] Average Bvw Qamchuqa 0.14 0.52 0.004 Sarmord 0.33 0.73 0.012 Garagu 0.29 0.63 0.015 Formations Average BV[W.sub.sxo] Qamchuqa 0.028 Sarmord 0.056 Garagu 0.070 Table 5.
The pertinent biblical texts in BVW 61 are located within Rev 3, which raises the image of Jesus knocking on the door of the heart.
Sand unit Net (ft) Gross (ft) [[PHI].sub.E](%) [S.sub.w] (%) D 22.00 670.25 18.57 35.70 Sand unit [S.sub.H] (%) [] (%) NGR (%) [S.sub.wirr] (%) D 64.30 45.60 80.80 11.47 Sand unit BVW [V.sub.hydt] [V.sub.rock] K (md) OWC (ft) D 0.08 0.11 0.41 490.672 10853.80 TABLE 3: Average petrophysical parameters for ALA 05.
Following the annulment of the Allied law forbidding soldiers to hold meetings in December 1949, and the founding of the Bund versorgungsberechtigter ehemaliger Wehrmachtsangehoriger und deren Hinterbliebenen (BvW) on 28 April 1950, the doors were opened for a stream of new veterans' associations in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Let me give an example that is not explicitly feminist, a passage from the "big" chorale prelude on "Aus tiefer Not" ("Out of the depths I cry to Thee") in Bach's Clavierubung, Part III, BVW 686 (Example 2).
These zones will produce hydrocarbons combined with water as the BVW values in these zones are not constant.
Upon receiving a request for assistance from the Westboro Conservation Commission, Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) personnel conducted an inspection of the property and determined employees of TruGreen LandCare had been stockpiling fill and landscape debris in a bordering vegetated wetland (BVW) and wetland buffer zone on the property.
To find out the reservoir properties of Zindapir various petrophysical parameters were determined for rock units drilled in the Zindapir-01 and Savi Ragha-01 wells including water resistivity (Rw), shale volume(Vsh), average porosity(cpD), effective porosity(cpE), density porosity(cpD), neutron porosity(cpN), water saturation(Sw), bulk volume of water(BVW), lithology, gas effect, reducible and irreducible water saturation (Swr,Swir) to evaluate their reservoir potential.
The drilled rock units range in age from Pleistocene to Pre Cambrian.The Petrophysical characteristics investigated are Lithology, Volume of shale (Vsh), Density Porosity (D), Neutron Porosity (N), Sonic porosity (s), Effective Porosity (E),Water Saturation (Sw), Bulk density (pb) and Bulk Volume ofWater (BVW).