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In addition, the Social Democrats are concerned with training and awareness-raising measures for the police and employees of the BFA and the BVwG, fast and secure family reunification, information about the status of residence, a subsistence allowance, the commissioning of a child cost study, to ensure and finance sexual education, awareness-raising programs on violence and anti-violence training, as well as girls and women on the run.
[12] Nonstandard abbreviations: CKD, chronic kidney disease, APS, analytical performance specification; [B.sub.APS], analytical performance specification for bias; BV, biological variation; BVD, biological variation data; BV-DB, biological variation database on-line, updated 2014; BVWG, EFLM working group on biological variation; [CV.sub.A], analytical variation; [CV.sub.APS], analytical performance specification for imprecision; [CV.sub.I], within-subject biological variation; [CV.sub.G], between-subjects biological variation; EFLM, European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine; eGFR, estimation of glomerular filtration rate; EuBIVAS, European Biological Variation Study; RCV, reference change values; [SD.sub.A], analytical standard deviation.