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The classification of the route 6142 as a route of the Trans-European Network (TEN) as well as the extension (electrification) of the Federal Transport Route Plan (BVWP) must also be taken into account.
Bringing Germany a step closer to executing the EUR 269.6bn programme, the country's federal cabinet has passed the 2030 Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan (BVWP 2030) and three items of draft enabling legislation on August 3,
BVWP 2030 commits investment in nearly 1000 transport projects, assigning EUR 132.8bn to the road network, EUR 112.3bn to rail, and EUR 24.5bn to waterways in the period to 2030.
The plan gives priority to spending on maintenance of current infrastructure, which represents 70% of the total allocation, compared with 56% in BVWP 2003.
- Accompanying the formation of the new BVWP, part track by railway operations analyzes, such as schedule based infrastructure developments or microscopic examination of railway junctions by synchronous operation simulations.
The assigned power (Lot 1 only) includes the preparation of the new Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan (BVWP), partial rail.
Contract award: 1450 / stb27; preservation demand forecast (bvwp) 2016-2030 federal highways.